Month: April 2020

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis A Review

Hey guys! I guest posted a short review for C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity on another bibliophile’s blog explaining why you should read Mere Christianity. Have you read this book yet? What do you think? Reblogged from bookwormr : Thank you Macy of Macy Thoughts for this wonderful book review! Title: Mere Christianity Author: C.S. Lewis Genre: Christian nonfiction What is …

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What does the Bible say Christians believe. Opinions on Christianity vs. Biblical facts. Who is Jesus. What are the beliefs of Christianity.

What the Bible says Christians believe

In an age where people, politics, and even some churches periodically treat Christianity as a tool to accomplish an agenda, it’s easy to mistake popular views on Christianity for biblical principles Christians believe. I’m not here to correct anyone’s views on whether or not Christians should support gays and lesbians, environmentalism, gun control, and so …

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Musings on my College Major

I feel bad for my roommate who had to endure no less than five-hundred hours of my venting, bewailing, and groaning last quarter all because I could not make up my mind between initially two then three then very quickly twenty million different combinations of college majors and minors. Sorry, Karlie. Thanks for being patient …

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