Hi there! I’m Macy and welcome to macythoughts, your friendly neighborhood Christian book blog. 

My Blogging Story

I’ve been a devoted writer and an even more enthusiastic reader for as long as I can remember; however, it wasn’t until college, that I began to view writing as more than a side hobby and as a way to minister to others. That’s when the idea of starting a blog magicked into my head and stuck. 

After fiddling around within the general Christian niche, I realized that writing long, explanatory articles on complicated ideas (no matter how important and fascinating) isn’t really my forte. But reading, gushing about books, exchanging creative writing tips are. Those interests combined with my goal to share the knowledge and love of Christ with the world convinced me to rebrand as a Christian book blogger.  Now it’s my mission at macythoughts to point people to the right literary resources to support their journey of faith.  

What to expect

On macythoughts, you can expect quality reviews on both contemporary and historical Christian writing, recommendations, discussions on faith, and writing tips from one bibliophile-writer to another. While the majority of my reviews will spotlight the Christian genre, I will wander into the mass market arena every so often. To maintain the integrity of the content and style of this blog, I will still review most of them through a Christian lens most of the time. 

Who I am

And, oh, I guess I’ll throw in some fun facts too. I’m currently a UC Davis student originally from southern California majoring in Communications and English. In my free time (hah, but when am I ever free?), I enjoy walking my dog, hiking, creative writing, pilates, hanging out with friends, bouncing around Youtube, and of course, reading. On top of Christian, I especially favor fantasy, classics, sci-fi, travel books, and short stories.

Keep in touch

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To get a taste for the style and content of macythoughts, here are a few popular posts to get you started:

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