Why I decided to become a Christian Book Blogger--macythoughts blog post

Why I decided to be a Christian Book Blogger

It was the summer before I headed off for my first year at college. On the surface, everything looked fine, like a placid sea. I was a soon-to-be college freshman at UC Davis. My days of sleep deprivation and mental breakdowns over college applications and AP classes were officially over. Seeing as how I didn’t need to fulfill a checklist of summer homework as in years past, there would be no surge of guilt from lazing around.

Beneath those calm, lulling waves of summer bliss was a deep undercurrent of spiritual turmoil. Something occurred in April of that year that left me in a massive heap of confusion…

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Isaiah Bible Verses about The Kingdom of Heaven

I’ve been winding through the book of Isaiah for the past two months. For me and for many Christians, Isaiah can seem rather daunting due to its length (a whopping 66 chapters!) and convoluted content. Despite its many themes, complicated historical context, and intra-scripture references, one prominent idea that peppers the entire book is the …

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What does it mean to "crucify the flesh" as Christians according to the Bible

What does it mean to “Crucify the Flesh”?

Since this quarter’s started, I’ve been caught in a flurry of discontentments ranging from Christian community in college to long-distance friendships to my failure to love perfectly to…well, the list goes on. None are trivial topics, and all have preoccupied a greater slice of my mind than I’d like to admit. Towards the middle of …

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What does the Bible say Christians believe. Opinions on Christianity vs. Biblical facts. Who is Jesus. What are the beliefs of Christianity.

What the Bible says Christians believe

In an age where people, politics, and even some churches periodically treat Christianity as a tool to accomplish an agenda, it’s easy to mistake popular views on Christianity for biblical principles Christians believe. I’m not here to correct anyone’s views on whether or not Christians should support gays and lesbians, environmentalism, gun control, and so …

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Musings on my College Major

I feel bad for my roommate who had to endure no less than five-hundred hours of my venting, bewailing, and groaning last quarter all because I could not make up my mind between initially two then three then very quickly twenty million different combinations of college majors and minors. Sorry, Karlie. Thanks for being patient …

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