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Why are Character Arcs so Darn Important

Why are Character Arcs so Darn Important?

Character arcs. Every writer bite their nails over these. Readers too, though for you guys, you probably don’t bite your nails, pull on your hair, and pace your rooms for nearly as many hours as writers do over character arcs.

Before we dive into why character arcs are important, we need to answer what exactly is a character arc? Most people understand it to be an internal change a character undergoes: the farm boy turned hero, the pauper turned princess, the arrogant king humbled. I’d argue that, that’s a much too simplified…

10 children's poem to Enjoy with Your Kids

10 Short Children’s Poems to Enjoy with your Kids

I grew up absolutely adoring poetry. Some of my fondest memories include browsing through Caroline Kennedy’s A Family of Poems  late into the night till my head began to nod and my eyes drooped. As a kid there was just something about short children’s poems about peculiar adults and their peculiar problems or a little wagon overlooking …

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5 Nonfiction Christian Books for your Reading List

Today, I’m going to share with you 5 Christian nonfiction books I’ve recently added to my ever-lengthening “to-be-read” list.

Gloss over them, and let me know in the comments which ones you’re going to add to your TBR. Have you read any already? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Political Philosophy and Man's Search for Perfection

Plato’s Republic & Humanity’s Search for God

Imagine a perfect city. What are its attributes? How does one erect and maintain them? These were the exact questions that Socrates attempts to answer in Plato’s Republic, a philosophic, dialogue-structured text that investigates the attainability of justice and virtue in a state. In this post, I’m going to highlight the link between Socrates’ investigation …

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