Summer, Books, and Blogging

Summer is just around the corner, which is why I can’t help but get caught in the whirlwind of plans spinning around in my head.

For those with a grounded disposition, a little reasoning and a pragmatic perspective is all they need to navigate their way out of their daydreams. As for those of us who have their heads in the clouds to begin with, focusing on the present can sometimes feel like a herculean task.

I’m not here to show you how I sorted through my thoughts, magically cleaned up my mental mess, and in one decisive act, became a realist forever. In fact, I’m going to do the exact opposite. I’m going to strap us in and see where my mind on full steam will take us this summer eve.

All aboard!

Let’s get the unavoidable, banal item out of the way first, shall we?

I’ll be a taking community college course on American Government for the first six-seven weeks (thrilling, I know). In all seriousness, since this class helps fill up a portion of my mostly blank schedule, I’m actually quite thankful for it.

Next let’s talk tentative plans, which is the 75% remainder of my summer.

First off, reading goals.

I fell in love with reading fiction at the green age of eight, beginning with Charlotte’s Web. E.B. White’s wealth of descriptive language combined with the animated tone of my third grade teacher as she read to my class brought the world of Wilbur, Fern, and Charlotte to life. I was no longer a passive observer glimpsing into the story like a passerby outside a window. No, I became a member of the story.

When Charlotte first pledged to help Wilbur, I stood beneath the barn entrance, sizing her up in astonishment, wondering just what could she possibly be concocting in that tiny head of hers. When Wilbur wept for the inevitable by the end of the book, I knelt beside him, whispering “there, there” while fighting my own tears.

Now here I am ten years later as a college student and a bibliophile writing to you about my future reading goals.

Needless to say, my romance with literature didn’t end with Charlotte’s Web.

I’m aiming to finish one book every two weeks. Hmmm, what do you think?

Too ambitious or not at all?

I’d say for someone who has crawled through one book per month for the last three months, it’s a little ambitious. I’m not so much a slow reader as I am a busy reader. Ladened with classes, a social life, and extracurriculars, my school schedule was hardly conducive for intensive reading. Which is why I hope summer would be different, and I’ll finally be able to live up to the name “bibliophile”.

Ok, moving on to blogging.

If you want to learn more about what inspired me to start this blog, check out my “about’ page. For now, I want to discuss my current aspirations as a newbie blogger.

Setting aside my daydreamer-idealistic mindset for a little while, I’ll be frank and admit that I don’t currently have a plan set in stone. Perhaps this blog will simply be a summer project that will fade with the coming of fall. Perhaps it will survive long past my college career. As a limited, mortal being, I can’t make any guarantees about its outcome.

I have to admit all of this upfront, to both you and me, because, as previously mentioned, my head’s nearly always in the clouds. Sometimes I reach towards the sky, believing the stars are just beyond my fingertips only to find that they’re really thousands of light-years away. Exchanging my ideals for reality is never not a challenge.

I will aim to post book reviews as well as my thoughts on various short stories at least once every two weeks, in line with my reading schedule. Maybe I’ll write more personal posts like this one too.

Huh. Reading over everything I’ve just written brings me to this realization. I’ve set a few goals and made a very, VERY bare sketch of my summer but not without slipping in a number of qualifiers. Maybe I’m not as impractical as I thought, and I actually do know how to pacify the whirlwind inside my head.

I’ll count this as a good thing.

Until next time, my friends!

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