Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis A Review

Hey guys! I guest posted a short review for C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity on another bibliophile’s blog explaining why you should read Mere Christianity. Have you read this book yet? What do you think?

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Title: Mere Christianity

Author: C.S. Lewis

Genre: Christian nonfiction

What is Mere Christianity about?

A Christian nonfiction written originally as a radio script in the height of WWII, C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity is book that delves into the intricacies of Christianity in a tactful and engaging manner. In it, Lewis pulls apart the major yet ambiguous topics of the religion in a methodical and organized manner. Divided into four topical sections, Mere Christianity makes it convenient for readers to follow along and keep track of what they learned and where. 

Basic Structure of Mere Christianity

The first section uses humans’ inherent sense of right and wrong to introduce readers to the possible existence of a higher order being, namely God. The second section delineates some of the core truths of what Christians believe such as the broken state of the world, who Jesus is, and the significance of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. In the third, Lewis explains how Christianity’s view of particular topics such as morality, marriage, forgiveness, pride, and faith affects Christians’ behavior towards them. In the last section, Lewis tackles some of the deeper theological questions surrounding Christianity like God’s relationship with time and the purpose for Christianity’s existence. 

Honest Personal Thoughts

I found Lewis’s arguments digestible and applaud him for building them almost entirely off logic. His frequent usage of everyday analogies and examples to succor his explanations was an additional helpful technique. These attributes will especially advantage readers who have minimal knowledge about the religion, meaning you absolutely do not need to be a Christian to read, understand, and appreciate Mere Christianity’s teachings. 

Founded upon Biblical facts, thought-provoking, and timeless in relevance, readers of all spiritual backgrounds, not just newbie or mature Christians, will certainly gain an invaluably deeper understanding of themselves and God after reading C.S Lewis’s Mere Christianity

If you’re fiddling with the idea of going through the book yourself, here’s an useful study guide from to aid you in your read. Finally, if you don’t have a copy of it yet, you can access a free pdf here or grab a physical copy here. Happy reading and happy thinking!

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12 thoughts on “Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis A Review”

  1. I heard this book is amazing and I have been wanting to read it. Thank you for this honest review. It’s making me want to read it and really digest all that Lewis has to say!

  2. Your review makes me want to pick it up. I like C.S Lewis, especially his book ‘The Screwtape Letters’. Maybe you could do a review on that if you haven’t yet :).

    1. Oooooo, yes! I loved “The Screwtape Letters”. It was surprisingly entertaining for a book on a rather dark topic. Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it. 😉

  3. I LOVE Mere Christianity. It was thought provoking and really made me consider a lot of the things I’m being told by evangelical Christianity right now.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I empathize. Lewis’s work educates you and in doing so, makes you think and grow wary of modern trends in Christianity.

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